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"Servicing the Turbocharger Industry throughout Australia est: 1988"

What We Do:

Reflex Automotive Engineering specialise in Turbocharger Sales, Repairs & Rebuilds, Engine Reconditioning & Exchange Cylinder Heads. They also offer an A-Grade Workshop facility for clients local to the area.

Established in 1988, Reflex is a family owned & operated business who care about both their customers & staff. Their success is primarily due to customer service, professionalism and staff commitment, modern precision engineering methods, highest quality standards & innovative technological solutions. 

Turbocharger Balancing Machine.Reflex was founded by John Andrewartha who has over 30 year's experience & manages a team of very highly qualified automotive engineers & machinists.


John's brother Jeff, backed with over 25 year's experience, heads-up a team of fully qualified A-Grade mechanics within a very professionally managed, clean & modern environment which is mirrored by the quality of their workmanship.


The Turbo Sales & Repair Div. is managed by Max Heywood, who has been involved in the turbo industry since 1984 & is arguably the most experienced "hands-on" turbocharger specialist within Australia.


Combined with an additional mixture of 15 varying automotive engineers it is often remarked; "IReflex can't fix it, it can't be fixed!"

Passenger Cars & Four Wheel Drives
Light Commercial
On Highway Heavy Commercial
Off Highway Heavy Commercial
Performance & Motorsports
Turbocharger Components




Turbocharger Rebuilds &/or Upgrades:


Rebuilding your old turbo, if serviceable, or an exchange unit can save you hundreds of dollars compared to an outright new replacement. Strip & quote is a service we offer free of charge so; "It pays to check"!


Turbo overhaul, repairrebuilds & upgrades for all models (including variable vane & ball-bearing turbochargers) to factory standards or better to suit all passenger cars, competition, heavy-duty, commercial, agricultural, industrial and marine applications. 

Reflex's technicians diagnose the possible causes for the damage to, or failure of your turbocharger by analysing the old components and taking the extra time to report our findings to you to avoid a repeat failure from the same cause.


All of our rebuilt turbocharger's include a 12 Month Limited Warranty.


New or Exchange Genuine OEM Turbochargers:


Reflex supports a huge range of new genuine OEM, reconditioned exchange & Garrett Reman units Australia wide for all passenger cars, 4x4, trucks, industrial, marine, performance & competition for petrol, diesel or LPG driven applications.


All of our turbocharger's include a 12 Month Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.



New Replacement OEM Turbochargers & Components:


Often OEM turbochargers, particularly luxury European models, are very expensive to purchase outright; as an optional alternative Reflex purchase components, primarily out of Europe & Asia, subject them through a vigorous quality control process to insure metallurgic spectra-analysis and machined tolerances are well within or better than factory minimum specifications. In fact many of our turbocharger components are improved in design & upgraded to increase durability, reliability and to operate more efficiently.


We guarantee all our turbocharger components &/or assembled units and we would not risk our brand name or reputation unless we were totally satisfied they meet our stringent QC requirements.


All of our turbochargers & associated components meet or exceed manufacturing compliance ISO9001-2008 & include a 12 Months Limited Warranty.


Reflex Turbochargers & Components



All Reflex Services are Completed On Site



"VNT" Variable Nozzle Turbo

repairs &/or upgrades...

Variable Vane Turbocharger Repairs

Ball-Bearing turbocharger repairs &/or upgrades...

Ball-Bearing Turbocharger Repairs


"MFS" Machined from solid billet compressor wheels...

Machined From Billet MFS Compressor Wheels


Reflex offer MFS compressor

wheels as an optional upgrade to our whole range of turbochargers.



Have you checked 

why your turbocharger failed?

Have You Checked Why Your Turbocharger Failed?

Turbochargers rarely self destruct before you fit your turbo, it is critical to diagnose the cause of the original failure, if unsure? We can help..., 




Have you checked your turbocharger fitting instructions?

Have you checked your Turbocharger Fitting Instructions?


To avert risk of voiding your warranty & unnecessary turbo removals, please read your fitting instructions carefully, if unsure? We can help...



Turbocharger Sales & Rebuild Services available to the Trade


Reflex sell, repair, rebuild & upgrade any brand of OEM or Performance Turbo Brand including Garrett, BorgWarner, Mitsubishi, IHI, Toyota, 3K, Schwitzer, Holset, Penta & more Australia wide.

 All Reflex Turbochargers are Covered by a 12 Months Limited Warranty 

All OEM turbos & turbocharger components include a 12 months limited manufacturer's warranty...


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